TheGuyThat.com is a writing therapy platform that offers both men and women a chance to express their emotions about a person that marked their lives. You can either write about the guy that you remember or you can be the guy that confesses his story.

what is the guy that
Lauren Mancke

What Is The Guy That?

Usually, after a period of time, we stop referring to men by their name (which we may or may not know), instead we confess about “the guy that” to our girlfriends over a glass of wine. They made us laugh, they made us cry. They stay in our memory as the guys that did or said something – either a good memory or a painful heartbreak.

Sometimes they are funny stories, sometimes they are painful. But you’ve always learned something and it’s time to share your experiences with other women outside your circle of close girlfriends.

  • As there have been many requests by men wanting to share their stories, you can also be the guy that confesses what he did, how he behaved or how he got his heart broken.

Most of the times after heartbreaks, so many thoughts flood our minds that you feel the need to get them out instead of letting them infect your brain. Running into an old partner or just remembering a sweet memory of a person that influenced your life give you a lot of things to think about.

It’s these sort of impactful moments in our lives that make us more creative. The emotions rush in our heads and the need to order them makes it necessary to put them down. Pain becomes bearable, anger diminishes and feelings can be more easily distinguished.

You can write a letter to the guy that hurt your feelings, you can tell the whole world how he broke your heart, you can be funny, you can be bitter, you can write a poem, anything that helps you cope with loss or pain.

If you want to share your story with TheGuyThat.com community, send an email to write@theguythat.com or go here to find out more.

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