He Ran To Her After I Stayed By His Hospital Bed

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Unsplash / Photo by Abigail Keenan

My first real relationship was a big, big lie. Now, when I remember all the stupid things I did, I can’t believe it was me, but we all know love makes you blind or simply lowers your IQ. I was already 20 something years and in a long distance relationship with a guy that I had caught cheating several times during our relationship, but I still believed his lies.

We were on a trip with our friends at the mountains when my boyfriend had an accident on his motorcycle. He broke his leg really bad and I stayed by his side in the hospital for two weeks, taking care of him. It was hard for him and it was hard for me too. But I did my best to support him and make everything better. I’m proud for having been able to handle the situation so good.

After he was released from the hospital and he went back to his home city, my life went back to normal: college and work. Until one day, when a guy that I didn’t know asked me out on Facebook. I told him I wasn’t interested, but he explained that he saw my boyfriend with another woman so he thought we weren’t a couple anymore.

The next day, a random woman sends me a message on Facebook. Her profile picture was of my boyfriend sleeping in her bed. It turns out that he went straight to her with his broken leg the minute he got back home. She knew about us and she wanted me to give up on him.

I gladly did that this time. I guess I should have expected that from him, but it still hurt so bad, especially finding out about cheating after hospital care and staying by his side, alone. I really thought that he would change for me.

By Elena Stanciu




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