Romance And Clumsiness Under The Moonlight

first kiss moonlight, mountains
Unsplash / Photo: Romain Lours

The guy that I first kissed was a summer fling and I have to say it made it worth the wait. I was 16 and I had kept successfully avoiding the childish games at school where you would be challenged to kiss a boy you didn’t even like. I wanted the special kiss. I wanted to be kissed for the first time by a guy that actually meant something to me.

It was a beautiful summer and my parents and I were spending our usual 2 weeks and a half holiday at a mountain resort. Being a teenager, I was sure the whole holiday was going to be of great boredom. Oh boy, was I wrong!

On our first day at lunch, I spotted a cute guy at another table with his mum. We exchanged quick looks and went on with our soups. Later in the evening, as I was brushing my hair on the balcony of our hotel room, I saw the guy from lunch in the balcony across. We both smiled and blushed, then ran inside.

The next day, I met a boy and a girl who were about my age and who were in the resort with their grandparents. They had just met too and were just killing time together, so we started talking and hanging out. We were watching TV in the hotel lobby and giggling when my cute neighbour walked in to watch TV as well (in those times we wouldn’t have TVs in our rooms). The other girl decided we could use another addition to our small group, so she invited him to join us.

All four of us started hanging out every day, playing pool, going for walks, playing cards, or just watching TV. It sometimes happened that I ended up just myself and the guy that lived across my balcony.

First Kiss Moonlight Story

We were sitting one evening on a bench just looking at the stars and listening to the live band playing in the hotel’s restaurant when he suddenly moved closer to me and put his lips against mine. I didn’t even have time to react, I just closed my eyes.

“This is it!”, I thought to myself while I could feel his tongue trying to make room between my lips and searching for mine. I had seen in pictures and in movies how it was done, so I was trying to remember all the tips. The next thing I knew his tongue was invading my mouth in a way that I couldn’t breathe anymore and I instantly opened my eyes and stared at his eyelids while he was still doing his best with the rest of the kiss. I was happy and terrified at the same time. I remember a relief running through my bones when he finally opened his eyes too and hugged me.

We kept “practicing” during the next two weeks and definitely got better at it. Especially when it was dark in the only cinema of the resort and we were holding hands and kissing. Instead of boring, the holiday turned out to be pure happiness and discovery. Of course we would inevitably say goodbye at the end of the trip, as we lived in different cities.

We tried to keep texting during the next months, but we were too young to understand the concept of “long-distance relationship”. When I invited him to spend New Year’s Eve with me and my friends, I didn’t know whether he was going to join us as my boyfriend or just a friend. Turned out to be the second, as he started flirting with one of my friend’s cousins the moment he got there. But as painful as the break-up was, as romantic and funny was our first kiss and definitely a memorable moment.

By Alexandra


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