The Guy That Offered Me Flowers In Front Of The Classroom

flowers in front of the classroom
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We were in senior year in secondary school and we would barely talk to each other. He was sitting at the desk behind me, but I was the cocky nerd who wouldn’t let him peek into my test paper over my shoulder. If I was suspecting anything, it was that he hated me.

Only that one day, during the break, he entered the classroom holding a bouquet of flowers and asked me to come to the front. I wasn’t sure what was happening and neither was anyone else. Our classmates were playing and running around but they all stopped to watch what was going on.

He politely handed me the flowers and said that he likes me and that was all. End of story. I was feeling and acting embarrased, although a small part of me was very proud of that moment and I could feel my inner arrogance growing.

I didn’t like him, mostly because nobody in the class did, so I thanked him for the flowers and completely ignored him for the rest of the year. Not a very ladylike behaviour, but hey, I was a beginner in handling boys at that age. I did appreciate the courage to offer me flowers in front of the classroom though.

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