He Used To Follow Me Home…

follow me home, weird love, the guy that followed me
Unsplash / Kychan

My friend was laughing so hard at a joke she had said, that she stopped to get her breath back. I noticed she suddenly became serious, grabbed my arm and started walking fast. “I think he’s following us with his friend”. “No way!”, I said laughing, then I turned around and saw him a few steps back. Some weird way of showing me love and protection, but the irrational teenager in me was so proud that he would follow me home!!

We had barely ever talked and sometimes I would see him waiting for me when I finished classes, but I thought he was just shy. Until he started following me every day and it went beyond the limit of him caring for my safety. Instead I became more and more worried for my own safety when he was there every evening walking home.

Then one time he waited for me outside the schoolyard with a rose. I forgot all his previously creepy behaviour. Fast forward, I started dating him and defending him in front of my parents. They were concerned but all I could see was that they were standing between me and my happily ever after. I just had to get to know him better and I eventually broke up with him after he cheated. Probably following another girl home too…

By Alexandra


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