The Guy That Made Me Leave My Job


the guy that, cheating, player, leave jobI was under a spell, ready to do anything for him, until I found out I wasn’t the only one. I was just another conquest for him.

We had been working together for a few months already but I had never looked at him in that way…

Until the last days of summer, when he started to text me in private. First I thought it was an innocent flirt. And then we kissed one evening. And we started seeing each other almost every day before and after work.

Being co-workers wasn’t the problem here, event though I felt unease having a relationship with a colleague. We were both in separate committed relationships, but this could happened to others as well – to find their soulmates in the most unusual place and unexpected moment. Besides, I was feeling very insecure about my current relationship and quite vulnerable.

After a couple of weeks of continuous texting and short and intense dates, someone at work found out about us. We decided to take a break and see what happens.

I was devastated. But it had to be done. We didn’t want to ruin things at work and at home for both of us. It was also a test, to see if we really loved each other and whether we could take things to the next level. Or so I thought.

The next day I found out that another one of my female colleagues also had a relationship with this guy. We started sharing facts and it turned out that he used the same approach for both of us. He used the same words, he took us to similar places and touched us the same way. It was so painful to find out this, I felt betrayed even though he was first and foremost betraying his wife of two months.

We confronted him. We also decided to support each other to forget about him. It was really hard to do it because we were working in the same office and I had to see him every day. Moving in another office didn’t help either.

One week later, he reached out to me to figure things out. We got back together. I was suffering all the time because I was lying to my boyfriend, and also because I couldn’t be with the man that I had fell for.

When my boyfriend finally found out about this affair, I was ready to leave him if it weren’t for his health problems. I stayed by his side only to protect him, even though lying can’t be considered protecting anyone, only postponing the inevitable.

Instead I decided to leave my job because I knew the temptation was too big and I couldn’t get back to being just colleagues…I couldn’t escape his charm, even though he wasn’t my type at all.

After another week, my so-called lover got back to his ways. He made out with another colleague and then got back with his first affair. Luckily I was no longer in my job and had nothing to do with these people. I feel sick thinking that I allowed him to know me and to touch my soul and body.

I am still haunted by this story and I am happy that nothing worse happened. Still waiting for the moment that all of this is just a memory or a lesson that I could share with others.

I know that I chose poorly and I also share the blame for what happened. I am glad I chose to leave, it felt poisonous staying there, but what will happen to the other women around him. What will happen to him? Is there anything else that I should have done?

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