writing guidelines

  • Think about a story with a guy from your life who made you happy / hurt you / brings you nice memories / broke your heart / had an impact on your life
  • Write whatever comes to your mind
  • Still, write in English
  • …but don’t worry about the title, we might change it for SEO purposes or to make it more engaging
  • And don’t stress about grammar or paragraphs, we’ll do the work for you before publishing the piece
  • If you feel like editing it though, do it only after you put down everything, so as to not interrupt your flow of thoughts for grammar and punctuation
  • Read your draft and rearrange
  • Avoid sending a story when you’re in the heat of the moment; write it and get it all out, but it is recommended that you read it again the next day; in other words, sleep on it, sometimes we tend to be harsh and ruthless when we are hurt and the truth tends to take a more dramatic version
  • All you need to do in the end is focus on the therapeutic effect of writing and enjoy the flow of words!