The Longest First Date I’ve Ever Had

longest first date
Unsplash / Photo: Hernan Sanchez

In the dating handbook, it’s said to keep the first date short so that there is still enough mystery and interest for a second one. Would a 12-hour long date count as a success or a failure in this case? This one definitely beat all my records so far and qualified as the longest first date I’ve had.

I went out with this guy that I already knew. We had met through mutual friends and we had had our first kiss on New Year’s Day when returning hungover from the party we had both attended. He asked me out for coffee as soon as we recovered from the headache but somehow I thought it was just the alcohol speaking.

I was almost sure he wasn’t going to remember his invitation as many guys usually don’t recall what they do or say when they’re drunk. Surprisingly, he did text me the following day and we arranged to meet for coffee. We handled well the awkwardness of the first few minutes – I mean do we kiss, do we pretend we are just friends, do we hug?!

It was all smooth, nothing forced, conversation went so good that I invited him over for some additional coffee – yes, just coffee. We kissed then, but realised we’re kind of hungry, so we went for a meal. We weren’t bored for one second. There were so many things to talk about, it was insane! We were so attracted to each other and yet so respectfully into the talking part.

After eating, we went for a walk and more joking and talking. And some kissing. There was so much to find out about each other and we were so patiently sharing stories without interrupting each other. Hours were just flying by. He eventually walked me home and once again shared a romantic kiss on the doorstep in front of the house before saying our “good night”. I was floating! We had been together for 12 full hours on my longest first date and I was missing him already. And you know what? He called the next day and we kept dating for a while. I guess there was still a bit of mystery left and there is no recipe to the right number of hours that are to be spend on a first date.


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