The Guy That Fell In Love With Me After A One-Night Stand

love one night stand
Photo by Jake Young / Unsplash

We met in the club. I’d spotted his well-built back and I couldn’t take my eyes off his massive biceps. Oh boy, and those slick dance moves when he was showing off in his group of friends.

Among the midst of alcohol and the darkness of the dance floor, I found the courage to approach him. And by approach I mean I kept staring at him and had some extra shots of tequila to let go of my shyness, then slowly – but gracefully- started to take more and more space on the dance floor with wide moves. One of my friends was obviously my accomplice and so we just swiftly began sliding towards this guy’s corner.

What followed is blurry, we somehow started talking, tequila made our conversation truly interesting in such a way that it escalated to French kissing in no time.

My friends made sure I was OK and asked whether I wanted to leave with them, but I made a crazy and drunk decision to stay and let Mr. Muscle drive me home. I can still remember the grin on my face when I said I was in good hands and the guy I had just picked up was making sure I got home safe. Stupid and reckless thinking about it now, but wow, what an accomplishment at that time!

Love One Night Stand Aftermath?

Under the excuse of making sure I’m alright, Mr. Muscle walked me upstairs when we got to my flat. I mean, c’mon, we both knew what was about to happen, but we were still role-playing. As soon as I got out of the bathroom, I saw him take off his shirt and reveal a perfect six-pack set of abs and my brain just froze. We had one of the most amazing nights – still in my personal top three best sex I’ve ever had. But wait, there’s more!

He called me the next day! We even went out for dinner, got back home and repeated the previous night’s experience. Then in the morning, as I was waking up, I noticed Mr. Muscle had been watching me sleep, and not in a creepy way, but in a sweet, romantic, heart-melting way. The problem was, timing was terrible. I wasn’t in the frame of mind of getting into a relationship, my heart was guarded by the thickest of the walls. Pure electric fence with a big “Stay away” sign on it.

I looked at him then and he whispered to me: “You know, I think I’m starting to like you more than for late night calls”. Isn’t this what every girl wants? Well, I didn’t! I just panicked, jumped out of bed and I told him I wasn’t looking for something serious. Unfortunately, this meant I had to give up the awesome sex as well, as he stopped returning my “late night calls” after that.

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