The Memorable Valentine’s Gift

valentine gift memorable uninspired valentine's day
Photo by Fredrik Kearney Jr / Unsplash

We weren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day, so we decided to skip the gifts for the day. Instead, it was the time to play by ear, be spontaneous and simply enjoy a regular week night in.

He called to say he was already at home, so I stopped by the supermarket to get chocolate and a bottle of whiskey, just because it was mid-week and why not?! When I open the door, I am welcomed by a delicious smell of roast. He was cooking for me and that was more than enough…

Until he said “I saw you didn’t have a cooking pan, so I bought you one for Valentine’s”. Did anyone say mood killer? I didn’t think much of it on the spot, I was going to focus on the dinner, the beautiful gesture and the food and not put a second thought in the meaning of the pan. It was probably well intended, useful and not making reference to my being in the kitchen for the rest of my life. Or was it?

Even after such a long time, it still makes the best Valentine’s Day story. Let’s just put it like this, it was an uninspired present and probably the only time when no Valentine gift at all would have been a better choice.

By Alexandra


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