She Was Looking For Reasons To Fight With Him


They were only 17 and had their heads in the clouds. It was easy to see in them the influence of a teenage blur of love. They had been hanging out all the time during the lazy summer days of that highschool vacation. The minor reasons to fight were always forgotten.

reasons to fight, the guy that did everything for her
Unsplash / Photo by Anthony Tori

She was a spoiled girl who wanted her Prince Charming to read her mind, he was a rock music-lover with long hair and smoking addiction who loved her more than anything.
He used to walk her to highschool every day when the fall term started. She would question his presents and laugh in his face for not knowing what to get her.

He gave up smoking and cut his hair short because she had asked him to. He would get her the moon and she would still not be pleased.
As time passed by, he grew more and more in love with her and she only became colder. With every step he was taking towards her, she was making two steps back. It was obvious she was falling out of love.

They were arguing out of nothing and she would just look for any reasons to fight and stay mad at him. Until she decided one of those foolish reasons was good enough to break up with him.
It didn’t matter how many flowers he would buy her, how many times he called and how many of his friends would try to convince her, she would still ruthlessly say ‘no’ to all attempts. And so when they eventually met after a while, he still looked in pain and told her “You will always remain my biggest drama”.

She felt embarrassed and walked away, knowing it was just not meant to be and he would eventually move on.

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