I Slept With My Ex 5 Years After We Broke Up

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Unsplash / Photo by William Stitt

We met on a school trip, had a summer fling and ended things as soon as he invited me over to his place. “I’m bored of just walking around and going for coffees. Why don’t you come over?”. My rejection meant an irrevocable break-up. I just knew I didn’t want him to be the one… my first one.

Time went by and 5 years later we run into each other in my favourite club. Turns out it’s his favourite club too. He looks handsome and I’m not shy anymore. Only problem is I am in a relationship. We start talking innocently and realise we’ve grown up. After exchanging a few hungry looks, we wave goodbye.

Since we’re regulars at the same club, we keep running into each other over the next few months. Tension is growing between us. In the meantime, my relationship status changes to single and one night we end up in a passionate kiss on the dance floor. We leave each other with the desire in our eyes and we both know what is going to happen sooner or later.

And it does eventually. I mean, to sleep with ex boyfriend was not on my bucket list, but this was one of those things that had to be done, the kind of one night stand that was supposed to happen, as if we were both on each other’s to-do list.

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