Thank You For The Song

thank you for the song, music
Photo: William Iven / Unsplash

I don’t remember any word from it. I probably didn’t even listen to it properly, as I was more concerned about the embarassing moment I was living. You had put me in that position and all I could hear was the angry words in my head. The music, the lyrics… I didn’t even care. I knew we weren’t going to get back together anyway.

I disregarded the fact that you were hurt and were trying to win me back while I kept being a total bitch to you. But you chose a bad moment to play that song. You chose one of our mutual friend’s birthday party for it. You chose a public display and you knew I hated it. But you also knew I was going to act polite and not make a scene so you took advantage of the moment.

It probably was a song written from your heart, I am sure. But it wasn’t going to bring us together anymore. I just wasn’t in love with you anymore. But I probably never got the chance in these 10 years to say thank you for the song.

By Anonymous


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