The One That Got Away In A Night Club

the one that got away in the night club
Unsplash / Photo by Kevin Lee

Saturday – girls night out. I go out with my girlfriends to a night club and it turns out to be extremely busy. One guy approaches me, stumbling from so much alcohol and he becomes a bit more pushy than I can handle. I keep refusing his awkward dance moves invites and put on my annoyed face.

Out of the crowd an unknown guy sneaks in between us and tells off the weird drunk dude. Then grabs my hand and whispers in my ear: “See what happens if you go away from my side?!”. I blush. Aw, my knight in shining armour! I thank him and he smiles. We start dancing and we get closer. I feel the attraction between us building up and he asks if it’s ok to kiss me.

I want to… I want to so badly… But my conscience doesn’t let me. I know my boyfriend would never find out, but I would always feel guilty. Just noticing that I’m feeling attracted to another man for the first time after being in a relationship raises many questions in my mind.

But unfortunately (or not), I choose to be a good girl, I tell the poor guy that I am not available and we part ways. He will always be the one that got away before I was single again.

By Anonymous


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