The Guy That Brought Me Weed On First Date

weed on first date, one night stand
Unsplash / Photo: Steven Spassov

We met when we knew that we both just want to have a one night stand. He was the friend of a friend of a good friend. My good friend met him and she knew my taste in men, therefore she “introduced” me to his Facebook profile. She had already spoken to him about her awesome friend – me –  so the communication started naturally.

We messaged for a while, flirting and making us want to meet up to consume the whole tension. He was a basketball player with a crazy schedule and I was just taking a holiday. So a couple of weeks after our first chat, or maybe more, we set a time and place – my place –  and he came over.

We both knew what our intentions were, so he decided to loosen up the tension with a little gift. He pulled out from his back pocket a joint. I was surprised he had brought me weed on first date, but after all it wasn’t actually a date, so who cared about conventions.

We smoked it on the balcony and a beautiful fog started falling on our eyes and brains. We started giggling and kissing passionately. We moved in the bedroom and everything became a blur.

What I do remember is how we both fell asleep mid-action and had a long resting sleep until the morning. When we inevitably finished what we started. We never saw each other again, but his thoughtful gesture must be applauded. Too bad it didn’t end up quite as expected but it was definitely a memorable experience.

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